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“Petya” Cyber Attack: Safety Tips

Computer user

Just weeks after the “WannaCry” virus scare, we have another European cyber attack that is projected to spread to the U.S. Are you safe?

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What Is the Cloud?

If you use online storage or the internet in general you must have heard about the cloud, but what is it exactly? Read on.

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Windows 10: $119 After July 29

After July 29, you will have to pay a $119 fee to upgrade if you do not already have Windows 10 installed. That’s right– if you have downloaded Windows 10 but haven’t installed it, you will be charged for the upgrade process.

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Microsoft Phone Scam

An alarming number of our clients have reported receiving a call from someone claiming to be from “tech support” bringing news that a virus has been detected on their system.

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