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What Is the Cloud?

If you use online storage or the internet in general you must have heard about the cloud, but what is it exactly? Read on.

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Managing Passwords Isn’t Hard

Genesis Computing passwords

You do not have to be a computer expert to neatly write down your passwords on a sheet of paper and keep that page in a safe place.

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10 Windows Shortcuts You Should Know

The Ctrl, Windows, and Alt keys.

Keyboard shortcuts give you fast access to useful features! This post explores some helpful keyboard shortcuts for Windows users. These shortcuts work on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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Why Am I Getting So Much Spam?

Spam can.

If you use your email address anywhere on the Internet it is only a matter of time before you receive spam. Learn about where spam comes from and how to keep it from landing in your inbox.

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Stay Away From AOL Desktop

Many of our customers use AOL Desktop. While we do not recommend AOL Desktop we do provide support when there are issues (all the time!). This blog post was written to objectively explain why you should stay away from AOL Desktop.

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Windows 10: $119 After July 29

After July 29, you will have to pay a $119 fee to upgrade if you do not already have Windows 10 installed. That’s right– if you have downloaded Windows 10 but haven’t installed it, you will be charged for the upgrade process.

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Your Computer Is Infected!

You may encounter a web page or pop-up that your computer has “critical errors”, a “malicious infection” or other scary-sounding terms. It’s a scam.

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Windows 10 May Install Automatically

Starting February, Windows 10 will now be automatically downloaded and installed for Windows 7 and 8.1 users who have set their computer to download and install “recommended” updates.

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Genesis Computing App 2.0 Released

We have updated the Android edition of our Genesis Computing app to Version 2.0, available January 11, 2016. Download the Official Genesis Computing App today– it’s FREE!

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What Is a Hard Drive?

In this blog post we will explain what hard drives do, describe types of hard drives, and finally teach how to choose the right hard drive when purchasing or upgrading a computer.

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