Welcome to Windows 10 (Whether You Like It or Not)


Starting February, Windows 10 will now be automatically downloaded and installed for Windows 7 and 8.1 users who have set their computer to download and install “recommended” updates. If you are a current or past client that most likely includes you; we set all our client’s machines to download recommended updates. This is a move by Microsoft to strongly encourage users to transition to their latest operating system, Windows 10.

How We Feel

We at Genesis Computing have tried and enjoyed Windows 10. We have performed upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on our company and personal machines. The on-screen steps were self-explanatory. The overall upgrade was easy to complete.

Who Can Install Windows 10 on Their Own

A confident computer user

Confident Users

If you are comfortable installing software on your computer, you can certainly go ahead with the Windows 10 installation. Read each screen carefully and follow the instructions. The process can take up to two hours. Most of your input is only needed in the beginning to get it started, and at the very end to finish it up.

Windows 8 Users

If you currently have Windows 8.1, be sure to have your Windows account password handy; that is the password you usually type after booting up the computer.

Windows 7 Users

Windows 7 users, be prepared to create a Windows account. Store the login information in a safe place, this is a password you will use frequently.

Known Issues

In our experience, most upgrades to Windows 10 go smoothly and you can pick right up where you left off. However sometimes we encounter speed bumps.

Losing your printer is a common issue.

Default Printer Changed

We have run into installations where the default printer was changed after upgrading. Experienced users will notice the correct printer is not selected when they try to print, and choose the appropriate printer. However, novice users will not notice and believe Windows 10 deleted their printer when their page doesn’t come out.

Disconnected from Wifi

Getting disconnected from Wifi is another simple issue that could be encountered after upgrading. Once again, an experienced user will notice their Wifi is not connected and fix this. Inexperienced users may not notice, or may not know their password if they do try to connect.

Forgotten Passwords

When a user has their favorite websites set up to remember their passwords, it is common to forget what the passwords actually are. Without having them written down, the process of resetting a password can be a headache, or in some cases, impossible.

After upgrading to Windows 10 some settings may change causing stored passwords to be cleared. We want to make it clear this problem has nothing to do with Windows 10; we stress the importance of having your passwords stored in a safe place instead of relying on the computer the remember them. Download the Genesis Computing app to securely store passwords.

Who Should Seek Assistance

If you relate to this picture, this is your category.

Novice/Impatient Users

If you have never installed software before, you should not attempt to install Windows 10 on your own. If you are a user who panics when a popup appears, or closes popups without reading them, you should certainly avoid installing Windows 10 on your own.

We have outlined potential problems in our “Known Issues” section above. If you are incapable of fixing the issues outlined, you would be better off leaving the upgrade to a professional and save yourself the time and stress.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding Windows 10, or require assistance with the upgrade!

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