Activate Siri by holding down the home button until it beeps
Activate Siri by holding down the home button until the device beeps or vibrates.

Siri is one of the most powerful yet underused features in iOS. Give these Siri commands a try and start using your personal assistant!

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1. Add a calendar event

Syntax: “Add [event name] event to calendar”

Example: “Add ‘pick up flowers’ event to calendar”

2. Send a text message

Syntax: “Text [contact name* or phone number]”

Example: “Text Mom”

*Make sure the person is stored as a contact if speaking their name doesn’t work.

3. Open an app

Syntax: “Open [name of app]”

Example: “Open Facebook”

4. Get driving directions

Syntax: “I need directions to [street address, landmark, business or contact]”

Examples: “I need directions to the nearest gas station” “I need directions to 123 Main St.”

5. Find nearby places

Syntax: “Where can I find [name of place]?”

Examples: “Where can I find a movie theatre?”

6. Weather forecast

Syntax: Siri is actually very flexible with this.

Examples: “How is the weather today?” “Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?”

7. Sports results

Syntax: “What was the score for the last [team name] game?”

Example: “What was the score for the last Patriots game?”

8. Random facts

Syntax: Siri is flexible if you ask a straightforward question. Don’t get complicated!

Examples: “How many feet are in a mile?” “What is the capital of Venezuela?”

9. Movie showtimes

Syntax: “What movies are playing in [city]?”

Example: “What movies are playing in Boca Raton?”

10. Google/Bing search

Syntax: Not necessarily a specific command; anything Siri can’t answer directly will be searchedĀ for you as if you typed it in yourself!

Example: “Genesis Computing Palm Beach County”


Do you have Siri commands you use frequently? Share them in the comments below!

View as a printer-friendly PDF

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