So you’ve purchased a laptop. Now what? If you haven’t already adopted the wireless lifestyle (particularly if you’re switching from a desktop to a laptop for the first time) now is a good time to start. We’ve made this list of accessories that we frequently recommend to our clients. Click on the blue text or photos to be taken to for a fast purchase!

1. Wireless mouse

Laptops come with trackpads, but some people have a hard time using them. Enter the wireless mouse. The newest mice have a very small transceiver (the part that goes into your laptop, to “talk” wirelessly to the mouse). That means you can leave it in the laptop all the time, even during travel, and it won’t get in the way. For users with difficulty holding the mouse steady (e.g. if you have trouble clicking on things), we recommend a trackball mouse. These do not involve the steady, controlled wrist movement that a normal mouse does. Instead, your thumb rolls a boll that moves the pointer on the screen.

2. Wireless printer

With the freedom to use your laptop anywhere in the house, why be tethered down by a cable connected to your printer? Fear not. There’s many affordable wireless printers available today. However we recommend this Hewlett Packard for print quality, features and iOS compatibility (for iPhone/iPad owners).


 3. Wireless router

Having wireless internet in your home is essential to take advantage of your laptop’s mobility. In our experience the Belkin N450 will cover everything but the biggest of homes and have few or no dead spots. Do you already have wifi in your home, and still have dead spots? Contact us and we will visit your home for a consultation.

4. Portable laptop desk

Laptop users will inevitably find themselves working somewhere other than a desk– such as their laps. The most frequent question is “why is my laptop so hot?” The reason is simple. Many laptop manufactures have their airflow vents on the bottom of the laptop, going on the assumption the laptop will be placed on a level surface. However if you place your laptop on any soft or cushioned surface, such as your lap or a bed, you will be blocking these important air flow vents, causing your laptop to overheat and possibly sustain damage! For this reason we recommend this very inexpensive lapdesk by Logitech. Our favorite feature: a slide-out mouse tray! This sleek lapdesk ensures you have a flat surface, and therefore proper air circulation/cooling, wherever you decide to work or play.


Published by Kamryn

I.T. Consultant & digital wizard