In light of a recent Washington Post article, where Best Buy “Geek Squad” technicians were discovered to be FBI informants, I think it’s important to reiterate Genesis Computing’s privacy policy.


Genesis Computing passwords

As many Genesis Computing clients already know, I am adamant that passwords should not be known by anyone but the user or account holder. Whether service is performed over remote support sessions or in-person, I insist that the client enter his or her password on their own.

This is done for two reasons: first to set the example that when you are working with a responsible company, especially over the phone, passwords should be handled as confidentially as you would handle your Social Security Number. Second, it’s a liability issue. If one becomes the victim of identity theft/fraud, “who knows my passwords?” would be among the first thoughts to cross one’s mind.

If access to your computer is necessary for an overnight repair, we help our client temporarily disable their computer password, and we enable it upon returning the computer.

Do you have trouble managing your passwords? Download the Genesis Computing app for Android and make sure you read our blog post covering that topic.

Data Backup, Transfer and Recovery

I.T. Technician working

When you choose us for data backup, transfer or recovery services, we do so in a way that does not involve browsing through your personal files. We can transfer your primary user folders (Documents, Downloads, Pictures, etc.) without actually exploring them. This is not difficult to do on Mac or Windows.

Old Device/Hard Drive Disposal

It’s common for clients to give us their old equipment for disposal after we assist with installing a new computer, hard drive, iPad, etc. Hard drives and memory cards are securely wiped and your data becomes unrecoverable. It is never browsed or examined by a technician. It is overwritten with garbage data and then environmentally disposed at the appropriate recycling center.

iPads and other devices that do not have removable storage are factory reset if no practical secure wipe solution is available. This will suffice to deter all but the most motivated, state-sponsored actors who could get their hands on our client’s former equipment.


In short, we take your privacy seriously. And no one here is a government agent.

Published by Kamryn

I.T. Consultant & digital wizard