We have received inquiries about the legitimacy of online computer cleanup services such as MyCleanPC.com.

Here is the short answer: Any service that promises to automatically remove “infections” and “errors” from your computer online is a scam and should be avoided.

These companies use TV advertisements and websites with official-looking seals and promise money back guarantees to trick viewers into letting their guard down.

YouTube user “snoodking” is one of many people who have made a video demonstrating services such as these are bogus by visiting their website and downloading the software on a brand new computer. No matter what, the program will find hundreds of errors. Check out the video below.

If you want your computer to seriously be cleaned, consult us and a certified and experienced technician, not a computer program, will assist you in person or remotely. If you want to give you credit card information to a fly-by-night online company that sells a bogus product, well… don’t!

Published by Kamryn

I.T. Consultant & digital wizard