A desktop and laptop running Google Chrome.
Chrome is available on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

Google Chrome is my favorite web browser. It’s fast, secure, and has lots of features to make browsing easier. I’ve put together a short video series to familiarize new users.


Since Google Chrome lacks a menu bar found in browsers such as AOL Desktop or Internet Explorer, this video will show you the menu button, and how to print.


Bookmarks (called “favorites” in Internet Explorer and “favorite places” in AOL) are shortcuts to easily return to a site later. For example, if you find yourself clicking through lots of pages to get to your email, you could save yourself time by simply bookmarking your inbox.

Downloading Files

Being able to download files, whether from email or the web, is an important part of being able to use your computer. In this video we cover downloading files from the Internet using Google Chrome.

Web Browsing & Google Search

To get to where you want to go on the Internet you’ll either need the web address of your destination or know how to use Google to find it. This video will teach you how, using Google Chrome.

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Published by Kamryn

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