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Google Now allows you to perform voice searches and give commands to your Android Phone or Android Wear. Give these Google Now commands a try and start using Google Now… now!

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1. Add a calendar event

Syntax: “Add [event name] event to calendar”

Example: “Add ‘pick up flowers’ event to calendar”

2. Send a text message

Syntax: “Text [contact name* or phone number]”

Example: “Text Mom”

*Make sure the person is stored as a contact if speaking their name doesn’t work.

3. Open an app

Syntax: “Open [name of app]”

Example: “Open Facebook”

4. Get driving directions

Syntax: “I need directions to [street address, landmark, business or contact]”

Examples: “I need directions to the nearest gas station” “I need directions to 123 Main St.”

5. Find nearby places

Syntax: “Where can I find [name of place]?”

Examples: “Where can I find a gas station?”

6. Weather forecast

Syntax: Google Now is actually very flexible with this.

Examples: “How is the weather today?” “Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?”

7. Sports results

Syntax: “What was the score for the last [team name] game?”

Example: “What was the score for the last Patriots game?”

8. Random facts

Syntax: Google Now is flexible if you ask a straightforward question. Don’t get complicated!

Examples: “How many feet are in a mile?” “What is the capital of Venezuela?”

9. Movie showtimes

Syntax: “What movies are playing in [city]?”

Example: “What movies are playing in Boca Raton?”

10. Google search

Syntax: Not necessarily a specific command; anything Google Now can’t answer directly will be searched for you as if you typed it in yourself!

Example: “Genesis Computing Palm Beach County”


Do you have Google Now commands you use frequently? Share them in the comments below!

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Published by Kamryn

I.T. Consultant & digital wizard