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Amazon Prime is a premium membership program offered by Amazon that comes with a variety of different benefits which include having access to different movies, videos, special offers, free shipping and other services relating to Amazon.

For those of you wondering, “is Amazon Prime is really worth it?” here are 5 great reasons to join Amazon Prime. If you’re already a member, make sure you’re taking advantage of these perks!

1. Free Two-Day Shipping

Amazon Prime free Two-Day Shipping

Probably the most well-known Amazon Prime perk, subscribers receive free two-day shipping on almost everything on the site. Normally, you’d have to pay shipping or meet a minimum order of $49. Join Amazon Prime and not only are there no shipping fees, you get your package in two days— including Sundays! Your Prime membership basically pays for itself.

2. The Sweet Special Offers

Amazon Prime Lightning Deals logo

A little known perk is the access you get to special offers and discounts. Amazon Prime subscribers get exclusive access to special offers and flash sales called Lightning Deals. Members also get exclusive access to Prime Pantry, which is a grocery/household item delivery service. Do you have limited mobility? Prime Pantry is for you.

3. The Entertainment

Amazon Prime video

Subscribing to Amazon Prime gives you access to Prime Video and Prime Music where you can watch movies and listen to music for free without having to deal with any ads! Even if you didn’t make up your mind after learning about the free two day shipping, the entertainment value alone makes Amazon Prime worth having.

Prime Video’s enormous library of hit shows and movies can easily become a substitute for other online streaming services such as Netflix, saving you $10/month.

4. Prime Reading

Amazon Kindle logo

Attention, bookworms! Prime Reading is for you. After downloading the free Kindle app to a device such as your computer or iPad, and download eBooks from the Kindle library, free!

You do not need to own an actual Kindle. You can borrow from a wide selection of best-selling books, magazines, novels and short stories.

5. Its Great Value For A Small Price

Amazon Prime delivery

Undoubtedly many people wonder whether they will get back enough in return compared to what they pay for. The answer is yes, without a doubt! With Amazon Prime you only have to pay $10.99/month or $99/year (the better value) which is extremely cheap considering Netflix alone costs $10/month just for entertainment.

Plus there’s actually many more Prime benefits than we’ve discussed.

The bottom line is that Amazon Prime easily provides more value as compared to what subscribers pay for it. See what all the hype is about! Try it free for 30 days by clicking the picture below. Our gift to you for being a loyal reader 😉.

Amazon Prime free 30-day trial

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