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We can all agree that no one enjoys having to go through pop-ups and ads to browse the internet. Ads are slow, annoying and require you to go through interaction patterns as well as sometimes even download files that can be potentially dangerous. These are some of the reasons that lead to people using advertisement blockers, or “AdBlock”.

If you are unfamiliar with what an AdBlock is, they are exactly as what the name implies. The purpose of an AdBlock software is to block advertisements to give you an ad-free browsing experience. Sounds great, doesn’t it? However using AdBlock has major consequences that can very well lead to the end of the free and equal internet that we love.

Here are 5 reasons why using AdBlock does far more harm than you might realize and why you may want to stop using AdBlocks.

1. No More Free Site Access

Request to turn off ad block
An honest appeal to turn off Ad Block (view full size)

Have you ever wondered why sites on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WikiHow and many others don’t charge you any money? Simple, because they get what you owe them from ad revenue. As of now, ads are simply the best way any website can sustain itself while providing you with a free service. If you were to use AdBlock sites wouldn’t get any revenue which will make them unable to support themselves.

How can only one person using AdBlock affect the big picture? Unfortunately, the AdBlock industry is on a steady rise and over 181 Million people were using some sort of AdBlock by January of 2015 and has become a 41.4 Billion dollar industry in 2016. If more and more people keep opting for AdBlocks, free to use websites will have no choice but to implement a paid subscription business model. In a world without ad revenue, if you want to send a message through Facebook or Twitter, you may have to pay for it!

2. Decline In Content Quality

What if everyone used ad block and the entire Internet when out of business?

Let’s be honest– the whole reason why artists, designers, and developers that make comics, animated shorts, apps, game or free software’s is for ad revenue they gain when someone clicks on an ad while visiting their site or inside the app. Naturally, if they don’t gain any ad revenue due to AdBlocks it beats their purpose of putting in so much work to make their sites, art or apps so good.

Even those who claim they are doing it because they like it require ad revenue to support themselves so that they can keep doing what they are doing. Without ad revenue, there would only be sites or services that are funded by investors or charge for their services.

3. No More Recommendations

Google logo
Google’s uses your web browsing to display relevant ads.

Ads as a whole are rather unpleasant to deal with but if you remove the phishing, malware and other unwanted ads people actually find ads to be useful, which is the reason why they click them!

When you search something or look up a product on Amazon or any other site that information goes to Google which in turn uses the information to provide you with ads targeted to your specific preferences and tastes. In other words, the more you interact with ads, the more relevant they become. You will see more and more ads that are actually appealing to you.

Furthermore, many events rely on ads to reach the public. How would you discover a great movie, or a fun music festival, if you never see their ads?

4. No More Free Information

No ads, no money
Would you rather see an ad or pay for every website you visit?

The entire premise of the internet revolves around free information but without ads the information providers have no means of making any profit or even making enough money to sustain their website. Consider online news source like The Guardian and BBC. The whole reason you get to read the news “free” online is because you compensate for not “paying to view” by “clicking to view”. If you keep on using AdBlocks these sites will have no other option but to charge high costs for subscribing to their services.

5. We Block Our Own and The Future Of Others

Disable ad block to visit this site
Notices like this are becoming more and more common.

Most sites on the internet start with little to no budget and are mostly run by a single or a small group of individuals that rely on ad revenue to improve their website and quality of the content provided. By using AdBlock software we cut off their primary source of income which leads to the site being able to provide for itself and in turn ends up shutting down for good. The worst part is ads don’t even pay that much. In most cases, people that are lucky end up making only $1 per 1000 visitors or even less depending on the traffic the site is getting.


In the end, it’s a simple matter of whether we want to keep using the Internet and all its benefits for free while having to deal with the annoyance brought on by ads or we have to opt for a more pricey pay per service business model. Consider having to pay for a subscription to almost every website you visit in comparison to a few extra clicks to view and close an ad. I’d say the latter benefits everyone involved.

Published by Kamryn

I.T. Consultant & digital wizard