iMac computer and MacBook Pro laptop
iMac 21″ desktop (left), MacBook Pro laptop (right)

If you own a Mac already, are considering purchasing one, or wondered why they are on the pricey side, this is the post for you. There are many perks that add value to Macs that few people realize.

1. Accessibility Options

Apple Dictation

If you are a writer, student, or two-finger typer, you should give Dictation a try. Dictation allows you to speak to your computer and have your words converted to text on the screen. This is also a helpful feature for the visually impaired. Similar software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, costs $300 and higher!

For the hearing impaired, there is VoiceOver. VoiceOver is software that allows your Mac to read text aloud and describe images on your screen. Comparable software such as NaturalReader can cost as much as $200!

Value: $500+. If you consider the cost of comparable software, we can easily give Mac’s built-in features a value of $500.

2. Fewer Issues

Frustrated PC user
Maybe it’s time for a Mac.

Being in the computer services business, trust us when we say Apple computers simply give fewer issues than Windows. For example, most printers don’t require special software (called drivers) on a Mac. Installing new apps is usually as simple as drag-and-drop. There are fewer threats from malware, too.

Value: $480. Our Mac customers have software-related issues half as often as our Windows customers, or about once per year. That’s a savings of almost $500 after 8 years!

3. Free Workshops at the Apple Store

Apple Store
You may attend as many workshops as you’d like.

Whether you are new to Macs or not, you may be interested to know free group workshops are available at your local Apple Store! It doesn’t matter where you purchased your Mac, either. There are workshops for iPhone and iPad too. Check out your local store’s schedule.

However if you are interested in one-on-one private lessons, contact us and set up an appointment! Toget\her we’ll create a custom lesson plan specific to your needs.

Value: ∞. Because the workshops are free and cover useful general topics, we’ll give it a value of… infinity!

4. Longevity

You get what you pay for. Macs last.

We have come across Macs that are as much as 10 years old and running smoothly, no less! That is as old as a Windows XP PC, which you shouldn’t use anymore because it’s unsafe. The Mac operating system, called MacOS, receives free updates. No, not for a limited time like Windows 10 did— free updates forever.

Value: ____ . It’s a blank line for you to decide. How frustrating is the inconvenience of your PC failing you at a crucial time? Or how much do you value the peace of mind that comes from knowing your computer will last a decade?

5. Siri

Siri icon
The current Siri icon

You may get some raised eyebrows if you’re seen barking orders to your computer but honestly, Siri is great and here to stay. Siri is the personal voice assistant built-in to most iPhones, iPads and now Macs. Using Siri is simple. First open Siri, then speak a command such as “What does my calendar look like tomorrow?” It’s one of those features that we could write a book about but you won’t appreciate it until you use it yourself.

Well, we actually did write a book about it. Below you’ll find our eBook “Hey Siri”, completely free to thank you for making it to the end of this article 😉. This is an ePub file and meant to be opened on Apple devices (Siri doesn’t work on anything else, remember?)



Value: priceless. Just try it. If your Mac does not have Siri, you probably haven’t updated to MacOS Sierra. We can do it for you.

6. Free Software

Beautiful woman on MacBook computer
Apple laptops are very popular among college students.

We already gave 5 reasons but couldn’t leave this one out. Apple creates freely available, high-quality software exclusively for Macs. For example there’s Pages (comparable to Word/Publisher), Numbers (comparable to Excel), Keynote (comparable to PowerPoint) and Mail (comparable to Outlook) while Windows users pay $150 for Microsoft Office.

Want to learn to play piano? Teach yourself with Garage Band.

Value: $150+. Due to ubiquity of Word documents, Microsoft Office is practically a mandatory purchase– if you have a Windows computer. Mac users have a complimentary suite of productivity apps that can open Office files.


Do you already own a Mac? We hope we’ve introduced you to perks that you’ll take advantage of.

Interested in buying a Mac? When you factor in the value of the included services and software, the convenience, and the ease of use, we’ve added up well over $1,000 in additional value. Therefore they are more affordable than they seem!

iMac 21" Desktop Computer
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We recommend the 21″ iMac all-in-one (pictured above) if you are looking for a desktop, and the MacBook Air 13 (pictured below) if you’re interested in something portable. Of course, we are here to assist you with installation or private lessons— it’s probably the only thing you’ll need us for!

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