Keyboard shortcuts give you fast access to useful features! This post explores some helpful keyboard shortcuts for Windows users. These shortcuts work on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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The Ctrl, Windows, and Alt keys.
The Ctrl, Windows, and Alt keys.

Note: “Win” is the Windows key, found in the bottom-left corner of most Windows keyboards, between Ctrl and Alt.

1. Win + D: Show Desktop

Instantly minimize all windows and return to your Desktop, the initial screen with your background and icons.

2. Win + Tab: Switch programs

Open a nifty 3D view of all your open windows. Hold down the Windows key while pressing Tab to cycle between windows. Release the Windows key to open the currently selected window.

3. Ctrl + A: Select all

This can be used to select text (such as in an email or webpage) or icons (such as files in your Documents folder). Great for when you want to cut, copy or delete everything at once.

4. Ctrl + X: Cut

Prepare to move the selected text/items. Used in combination with Paste. After you paste the items will no longer be in their original location.

5. Ctrl + C: Copy

Prepare to duplicate the selected text/items. Used in combination with Paste. After you paste the items will still be in their original location, as well as the location you pasted to.

6. Ctrl + V: Paste

Move or duplicate the text/items that you have cut/copied to the location of your mouse pointer.

7. Ctrl + Z: Undo

Roll back the last operation. This is great for when you accidentally delete a file, or change text that you want to change back. This won’t get back a web page that you closed, though.

8. Ctrl + P: Print

Print the current web page, file, etc. This only works in a program that can print.

9. Alt + F4: Close window

Close the window that is currently open, as if you clicked the X in the top right corner. Make sure you save your file before using this command on an open document. If no windows are open this will prompt you to Log Off, Sleep or Shutdown your computer.

10. Ctrl and +/-: Zoom in/out

Hold down Ctrl and the + (plus) key to zoom in, and the – (minus) key to zoom back out.

Printer-friendly version (PDF)

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